You know those recurring dreams
That keep coming at you! Over and over
Same runs, same fears, and same startled waking-up
That loop of seeking a way out
And failing, and then rinse-and-repeat?
What’s up with that?

Why do we keep running around in circles
Not even being honest with ourselves
Even if the cuts run deep?
Especially if they run deep.

I’ve been chasing truth and love
For such a long time.

And then there’s the biggest lie
That „love is not real”, insidious lie
Where I’m crumpled over myself
Clutching my heart that’s broken
And that fail, and the rinse-and-repeat.
And just wondering where to run this time
It all makes me so tired and sad
And just unable to carry on.

It takes courage to face those cuts
Those fears and missing pieces of yourself
Takes something from you
But really also adds to you.

That shine in your eyes
When you dare to exist thru the pain
And dare to hope that you’ll thrive
Even if you’re still holding
Bits and pieces of yourself in your hands.

So take that punch in your gut
And make it do something for you
Make it become a starting point.
Make losing that love and that hope
Make that hole in your soul
Mean something. For you.
For your future kids.
For your surroundings.

Face yourself, and be a victor.
Make something new, but better.
Live, love. Don’t ever lie.

Photo by Jonas Jaeken on Unsplash.

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