About me

Alexandra Giula

Date of birth
24 July 1984

Relationship Status

Websites |


English: 9/10 | Romanian: 10/10 | French: 7/10 | Spanish:6/10

Personal skills

I am a person inclined towards communication, creation and balance. I have obtained along my working experience abilities to shape and organize my own working environment, and not just my own.

I posses the ability to see in great detail but also to contemplate the bigger picture. The whole meaning of events and situations. This helps me make decisions and organize my planning of actions to take.

I wish to know, to learn, to become more then I already am.


The ONLINE Story

The Story

I have gone through all the phases of internet communication: mIRC (bit hit in Romania for 5 or so years), DC++, forums, online diaries (we didn't call them blogs yet), personal profiles on various early social networking sites, and eventually blogging.
There are two in particular that I loved and pursued above the rest: online forums and blogging. Both are similar in that they build communities, both thrive when people communicate and share information and experiences, and both are real people-connectors. Since I was 13 years old I was fascinated with the way the Internet works, and have been so ever since. The friendships I built off of forums and blogs are still going strong: one of those friends is my husband now.  And I manage his own website, alongside mine. 🙂

At 17 I took my first crack at building html  - basic - websites, with an amazing and astounding failure, of course. At 22 I tried again, only on the web-design part of it. Another failure, another lesson.


In 2005 I started my first online diary: a forum-hosted one. A year later, on Yahoo! 360  I started one after another a couple more "blogs": they called them. I started experimenting with themes, colors, layouts.
But my true and everlasting love, above all else is WordPress. I have been an advocate and a supporter of WordPress among my friends ever-since I first grasped what it fully meant.

I am also a supporter of open-source software, a Linux User (since Ubuntu 9 and 10), and a believer in freedom, elegance and quality: am I a WordPress fan, or what?

I have actually convinced bloggers to switch from other platforms onto WordPress, and became their go-to person for trouble shooting. I have installed, modified, customized and built sites for them, further falling in love with this platform.

I am currently managing alongside my husband & partner a small business related to building and managing online websites. We are WordPress oriented.


The ONLINE Story

648 Group

Project Manager

· July 1, 2013 to present · Bucharest, Romania ·

Briefly, my responsibilities include:


Peniel Romania

Social Media Department Manager & Websiste Developer/Editor

· Bucharest, Romania · Jan 2012 to present ·

More Details:


Mediafax Group

Web Developer / Project Manager

· Bucharest, Romania · Sep 2011 to 2013 ·

My work at Mediafax:

Reporter & Redactor

· Bucharest, Romania · Jul 2008 to 2014 ·

More Details:

Lancom Distribution

Key Account Manager

· Bucharest, Romania · May 2008 to Aug 2011 ·

More Details:


Stiinte Politice - FSPUB
· 2008 Bucharest, Romania ·

Liceul teoretic Alexandru Ioan Cuza
· Class of 2004 · Bucharest, Romania ·

Other skills

E-mail, web-surfing knowledge, social media & everything else - advanced.

MS Office or similar packs - advanced & proficient.
Image editing skills - Corel Draw, Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape - good.

Unix-based GUI programs (open-sourced free OS) - good.

I am a WordPress developer with over 5 years experience in building and managing websites. I usually work in LAMP stacks, as a favorite but I have worked on Windows servers, on dedicated WordPress services such as Flywheel or on fully managed WordPress solutions, custom-built.

I can also manage anti-virus programs, firewalls and other basic and non basic software. Also basic and more complex maintenance for computers: software and hardware. I can also manage a small network of computers.


  1. alexandraristariudrian noiembrie 6, 2013

    I would like to know how you decided that your level of English is 9/10, did you passed a specific test for that?
    9 is considered native, 10 is considered an advanced speaker of his native language (languages teacher, linguist)
    8 is considered to be a translator
    6-7 are considered to be advanced users of english as second language (ESL)

    • alaxandra noiembrie 6, 2013

      It was a totally subjective rating that I gave myself.
      I am however able to translate & simultaneously translate more than day-to-day speech, so maybe the „9” is not 100% accurate but 8,5 might be.

      I have no official certifications, otherwise I would have mentioned them.

      Thank you for stopping by,

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